Eco Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Offset your solar installation with energy-efficient lighting options to further reduce your electricity costs.

For an average household, replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs could save you in excess of $250 per year, whilst they will last 5 times longer.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting?

  • Direct reduction on energy bills
  • Proactively helping the environment
  • Offset against solar installation
  • Increase the value of your home


We can recommend and install a range of LED lighting options.

LED Downlights

LED Display Lighting


Have Questions?

How much will LED save?

There are a number of comparisons online but we like this one from ‘The Simple Dollar‘. It demonstrates that you would need 21 incandescent globes to produce 25,000 hours of use, whereas you’d only need just 1 LED globe. If we were to use their calculations using an electricity cost of $0.30kwh then you should save $355 for every 25,000 hours used or if you had 8 lights on for five hours a day, you would save $207 a year.

For further reference, states that a household could save $102 each year.

How long will LED globes last?

We expect LED globes to last up to 50,000 hours. So they’re cheaper to run and last longer.

Why is LED lighting green?

The basic explanation is – a traditional incandescent light uses 60W while an LED uses 10W. Much of this saving is because less of the energy used is wasted being converted to heat. An LED for example only wastes 5% of the energy used.

They are also eco-friendly because they last longer and do not have any toxic elements.

Is LED lighting the most efficient?

LEDs are the most efficient lighting choice because it requires a lot less energy to produce light.

Can LED lights be dimmed?

There are dimmable LED lights. Feel free to download the brochure above.

Have your eco lighting installed by a local.