Eco Heating and Cooling

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

For many Victorian households, heating and cooling will be a large contributor to utility bills.

Whether you have a solar installation or not, if you’re wanting to reduce these costs and your energy footprint, then you should invest in energy efficient heating and cooling.

Offset Your Heating & Cooling Against Your Solar Installation

While there are energy-efficient gas systems, we recommend choosing electrical powered systems so you can offset them against your solar power.

Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioner’s include inverter technology, which allows a room to reach the required temperature more rapidly.
Common Features

  • More energy-efficient than portable or window air conditioners
  • Reverse cycle options to keep you warm in Winter
  • Often the quietest heating and cooling option
  • Leading brands offer air purifying
  • Remote control


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Ducted Systems

Ducted systems allow you to heat or cool your entire room instead of the rooms closest to your split air unit.
Common Features

  • Ability to heat the whole room or concentrate on individual rooms.
  • Even air distribution.
  • Ducted systems do not produce dry air that often causes breathing issues.
  • Seamless integration into your home’s décor

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We install all leading brands including:

5-Year Domestic Warranty

5-Year Domestic Warranty

5-Year Domestic and Commercial Warranty


Have Questions?

What is the most efficient way to heat a home? has a terrific resource that looks at all scenarios. In the table they have published you will see that the reverse-cycle systems prove to be cheaper than the gas alternatives.

Is it cheaper to leave heating on or turn it on and off?

You should definitely only use your heating when you need it if you want to save money and use less energy. The fact is, you will likely have some heating escaping with draughts or windows, so the total energy consumed will be greater if you leave it on all day.

How is the energy efficient rating measured?

The Energy Rating website states that a product’s energy rating is determined by the energy consumed and the size of the product. For more information, it’s best to visit

Is ducted heating and cooling inefficient?

The ducts heat or cool the entire house, so if you only need a small space of your house to be heated or cooled, then ducted can be less efficient than a split air system. However, current model ducted systems have the ability to control which rooms you are heating or cooling so they too can be really efficient.


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Tyrone Hunter

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